Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another night - more not so good basketball

I hoped to take in two college basketball games on the season's second night...but I ended up only watching Michigan Tech-Michigan. So after two nights, I've got two games in.

Again not very impressive anywhere but here are my thoughts and observations....

....I like John Beilein as a coach (though I'm not sure I can spell his name). I think he eventually will put Michigan back at the top of the Big Ten. But I wouldn't expect this to be the year. They just don't seem to have that wow factor yet. But he's getting players - and should improve dramatically on last season's ten wins.

....I guess I understand bringing in the Division II teams to play these early season games. Doesn't mean I have to agree with it. Obviously, this whole tournament is built for the championship round in NYC next week. And they don't want a small school spoiling the party. So its easier to be assured of that by including the California (PA's) of the world.

....With that said, I expect Michigan to be pushed tonight by Northeastern. And maybe even beaten. The Wolverines played well in stretches last night. But they never seemed to be good for a long period of time. They will have to be tonight or else they'll end up in trouble.

....Manny Harris had the big night with 30 points. Obviously, it was against the lesser competition of Tech, but the guy is going to get his points. He'll have a good season for them.

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