Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Greg Robinson ERA is officially over

When I typed that headline, I realized that if we took Robinson's Winning Percentage over the last four years and made him a pitcher in the majors - and converted that to an E.R.A. 2.12 - he'd still have a job and probably be a CY Young candidate.

Or actually if he'd won ten games in four years in the majors, he might still have a job. But 10-37 in college football just doesn't cut it. Especially, when you only win twice in the conference. The funny thing was I was chatting with a Notre Dame fan this week, and they didn't understand why the guy got fired.

It only took about ten minutes for me today to realize exactly why Robinson did get fired and why he'd never be able to take the Orange to the top. Because he was a defensive coach, who 47 games into his head college coaching career had no idea how to stop the spread. His gameplan has always been keep the spread in front of the defense and hope the offense makes a mistake. But the opposition simplifies things ever more and methodically marches through the defense. Its the same thing we've seen for four years.

So next year, we'll have a new coach to complain about.

I can't wait.

I'm off to the Knott Arena. Full recap when I get home. Go Mount.

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