Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another perspective

The Carroll County News' Bob Blubaugh was at the game yesterday.
Here is his story of the outcome.

A few other things looking back....

I really was impressed with how hard this team played. This was a scrimmage but they played very hard.

The half court sets are going to be tough to get much out of because the defense knows what is coming. But still the offense generally created chances.

Let's hope whatever held Will Holland out of the game yesterday isn't a serious injury. The offense is going to need his jump shooting ability. Chris Vann was the team's leading three-point shooter last year, and although there are other options around to pick up that slack, Holland seems like the best one.

It will be interesting to see how much the longer three-point line affects play this year. There were times yesterday, when you saw a shot from inside the new line but beyond the old, that you thought, wow that would have been three last year. Not that I really remember any of those shots going in. So we'll see what impact it has on the game as the season develops.

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