Thursday, October 16, 2008

A little bit of football and the end of the Sox?

Another Thursday night and more baseball, plus the 43rd game of the college football season for me. TCU hosting BYU. The Horned Frogs have already taken a 14-0 lead.

But be sure to check out who the folkat Madness All Season think have a first round upset possibility. Man, I'm getting exciting. You might notice that Jeff also considered the Mount for his non-BCS Top 25, as he should have.

8:47PM: Does anybody think that BYU can back in this game? I really don't. Down 14 to this Horned Frog defense is a lot of points. It is still very early. Very early. But I think that the TCU defense is just way too good. And I had the Horned Frogs, before the game as well. And there is a pick for the Horned Frogs (how many times can I use the nickname in one blog?)

8:52PM: I read in ESPN the Magazine before the playoffs that BJ Upton wasn't to be feared this postseason because a shoulder injury had deprived him of all his power. Guess opposing pitchers have a subscription as well. The Red Sox are also down two scores. However, somehow I think they are not out of this, but Kazmir just k'd Crisp to end the second.

9:19PM: I had a little internet issue and the Horned Frogs were held to a field goal. So its 17-0. But they are getting the ball back as they have stopped the Cougars once again.

9:23PM: I'm surprised that when having the choice of an ACC game involving Florida State, I'd rather watch BYU and TCU. But it truly is the better game of the night. But I'm also not surprised that TCU is winning. Not surprised in the least. But I am starting to sense that BYU is starting to slowly but surely gain a little bit of momentum in this football game.

9:37PM: I'm thinking this game is about to get boring. Just be defense. Unless the BYU offense picks it up a little. Because TCU seems content to just be conservative offensively and milk this 17 point lead. Because they don't seem to think that BYU is going to be able to score against them. And if that is the case, I guess there is no reason to do anything differently on offense. And then again, maybe they are going to add something before the half. Taking what BYU gives them. This half has been all TCU. I don't think BYU can be good enough to overcome the 23 point deficit (missed Xtra point). TCU just scored on a great fade touchdown pass from Andy Dalton to Walter Bryant in the back of the end zone. Can you say woodshed?

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