Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jeremy being Jeremy

Maybe you caught the bit on Colonials Corner about Jeremy Goode and his comments in the Frederick News Post.

We like what Andrew does over at Colonials Corner and during the regular season we regularly check his site to see what's new with RMU and the rest of the NEC. However, we think Andrew is way off base on this one. Here's the quote from Goode that he has taken exception to....

"No one expected us do anything (last year) and now everybody's saying we are the premier team," junior guard and leading scorer Jeremy Goode said. "But it doesn't mean anything on paper. Robert Morris started out at the top last year, coasted through the whole season, and then let it go at the end."

Now, I just don't see what's so offensive about that. Goode merely states the facts as they are. The media, and the pundits (myself included) have made the Mounties the favorite this year. That, the strong finish and all the returning players. Robert Morris was one of the favorites last year, Goode correctly points that out. The Colonials basically went wire-to-wire winning the NEC regular season title. And then they were ousted in the NEC semifinals, and had to settle for a trip to The Hill and the Carrier Dome for an NIT loss to conclude the season. Let's be honest it wasn't what they had in mind.

I think Chiappazzi is somehow reading the quote as if Goode is stating because the Mount got there last year, they are ordained to get there again. And in some way, he's making the quote about Robert Morris. Meanwhile, I'm reading the quote as the veteran point guard stating that merely nothing is going to be given to his squad. That instead they've got to work for everything, and that as a team leader he is going to make sure his teammates realize it. That's great leadership in my view.

Chiappazzi did get one thing right. (and he usually gets most things right). The games between the two teams this year will be full of intensity. The Mount is the favorite and RMU is still strong and seeking revenge. And everybody knows, at least if you follow the NEC, that these two don't really like each other. Can't wait. But I don't think this adds anything to the rivalry, instead I think its a lot of respect for RMU and the rest of the NEC coming from Goode. (Not that I mean to speak for him)

So anyhow, speaking of Goode, no matter who you talk to about the Mounties and the offseason workouts and now the first few days of practice, they have to talk about him. There are other names mentioned in regards to offseason improvement and who is playing well and who they just won't be able to keep off the floor, but a conversation never goes by without hearing about how good, about how much better Goode is right now than last year. That's good news for Mountaineer fans.

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