Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where are we?

Or maybe more importantly, where have I been?

The fact of the matter is that obviously this is my busy time of year and therefore my ability to write as much can get lost. But the other factor has been that I'm just sort of enjoying this Mount team. No doubt about it, they have exceeded my expectations to some degree. Yet on an individual game basis this team hasn't done anything spectacular or anything that has really surprised me from a straight up result standpoint. Sans maybe the win over Quinnipiac.

But still here we are with four regular season games left and the Mount still with a chance to play a first round NEC playoff game at home. And there were times during the year I didn't think that was going to be possible.

A lot of my concern came from who hasn't been available. Obviously after last year's conclusion there was going to be some reshuffling. Goode, Beidler and Holland were all key departures. And then the coaching staff left and all the November LOI's decided they weren't coming.

Throw into the mix the fact that 3 of the guys who I would have expected to be part of the top seven have combined to start 0 games this year -- and the season really had all the characteristics of a disaster. But it has been far from that.

And although this team struggles at times offensively, last night's first half being a prime example, they play hard they are coached well - and they get guys in positions where they can succeed. All of a sudden, results like last night become frustrating and disappointing. Because now all of a sudden on a game by game basis, I expect something from this team.

Watching them hasn't quite been like it's been the last few years. But it has been enjoyable. And if I stop trying to figure them out, I enjoy it even more. I won't be absent the next few weeks, but I am going to enjoy whatever this team brings for us during that time period.

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  1. I have spent some time with the coaches, players, trainers, former coaches and radio announcers. Simply put, I agree with everything you are saying.

    What impresses me most is how the team has managed, despite having none of the original recruits and after losing last year's players, to have come together with performances worthy of a decent team.

    If nothing further in the 'really good' department happens this year, I say: Thanks, staff.

    But nothing is out of the question yet for the remainder of this season.

    Sometimes the best things happen when least expected.

  2. Also, Danaher (Frederickson Christian HS), Washington (Texas) and Aja (NJ) would be a hell of a recruiting start.

  3. Raff, it is about time you finally posted again . You were missed immensely. I have been extremely busy myself. Double hernia surgery on Friday- still in bad pain. Then preparations for my move has kept me limited ih posting as well. The date for me to leave is March 6th- right during the thick of conf. tournaments and so forth. It sucks that I may not be able to travel to see the team in the tourney or even at home. I made a goal of us reaching 10 wins this year and we have! I believe that the team is finally comfortable with this new system and it is going to be all about execution and heart, the rest of the way. There has been a few things that I have liked out of Burke too. It took him awhile though to realize that certain players should be limited at certain times of a game. I predict a win against LIU on Thursday!

  4. Harry,

    Danaher will be a project. Are we truly still getting Jalen Washington? He will be an awesome recruit if so- one of the best in the NEC . Who is this Aja that you mention? I have not heard anything about that.

  5. Richard - LIU game is Saturday, SFNY Thursday.

    I have seen Danaher and he needs weight and strength but he has good moves and good instincts. Can also use both hands well when shooting.

    Aja is a huge 6'9" probably 250+ lb. player but a good talent also.

    Don't know any more than you on Washington.

  6. Oh yeah, thats right it is big bad Akeem Bennett and all of his technical fouls that enters the House of Jim. See, my mind is mixed up because I am actually a little sad to be leaving on March 6.What the heck am I gonna do without being able to go to Mount games anymore? I may not even be able to go to a playoff game this year, except for when the Mount plays in the Southeast Regional!!! Woo hoo! So, are we really getting this Kanu Aja or what? It would seem that Hurley would scoop him up faster than Bobby B. I already cannot stand Hurley, nearly equivalent to Rice. Nah, no one can be that much of an arse.

  7. NEC quarter final results:

    MSM 68 QU 65
    SFPA 88 LIU 87
    RMU 64 WAG 54
    SFNY 64 CCSU 59


    MSM 54 RMU 52
    SFPA 77 SFNY 70

    That's how we get a home game in the finals!

    If this scenario comes true, I am buying a lottery ticket.

  8. Well, I got the opponents correct for the first round, but the Mount will win and then play SFNY if all my predictions in the first round come true.

  9. Recruit alert - Darian Barnes from Philadelphia - rated higher the Jalen Washington, 6'8" PF.