Friday, June 09, 2006

Long time No Blog

Been a long time since I blogged. Don't tell my wife.

But I promise to be better. Or at least make a better attempt.

However, I did realize that my last effort more or less gave you the national champion, Florida. Ok maybe it wasn't that clear, but its my blog, and I say read between the lines. And you don't have to stray that far.

So now, I'm giving you the World cup champion. I still have 19 minutes til kickoff. You're pumped aren't you. Seriously, I am.

It could be easy and I could pick Brazil. But I'm not going to. I'm taking Argentina. After watching them against Angola in a prelim, I think they are playing well together and have so much talent.

Others that are worth a play for the chance that Brazil doesn't win. How bout a Euro trio of Holland, France and Portugal? I like it. And I'm also thinking Portugal will win their group easily.

Germany and Costa Rica in 16 minutes. man I type fast.

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