Wednesday, June 21, 2006

College Football Surprises

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I'm looking for a college football surprise. After watching the Big 33 game on Saturday night, I'm just about ready for some football. And now that it is officially summer, I guess I can go with that.

So who do I think will do better than most...

I think Iowa has a real chance to win the Big 10 this year. Although, I did get it from good authority yesterday that Archie Griffin is touting the Buckeyes to win the whole thing. Imagine that. Iowa still has Drew Tate at quarterback and I think that can be a real blessing. Plus, they can't suffer the same amount of injuries they dealt with last year, so I'm liking the chances. Kirk Ferentz has done a super job building the program and I think it grows.

Georgia Tech - Maybe they are only here because I think they win their opener. But isn't that enough. I mean if you beat Notre Dame, your season goes up a notch. I think the Jackets do it and finish in the upper echelon of the ACC.

Stanford - Pitt didn't realize how good they had it with Walt Harris. Now he has some offensive parts for the Cardinal and I think they may just win nine games and really make some noise out west. The Pac 10 is weak enough for people to move forward. If its not Stanford, could it be Arizona which played well at the end last year.


Notre Dame - I really think that the Irish is going to have a lot of trouble living up to the preseason hype. Sure they have Quinn, and sure they have Samardzia. But I just think they won some games they should have lost last year and aren't really ready to just jump right up there. I'm thinking they lose 2 games before October.

USC -- Maybe nobody is thinking a lot of the Trojans. But still who else is going to win the PAC 10. If they don't its a disappointment. I say they don't. So I say they will be a disappointment.

South Carolina - I just don't think Spurrier will be able to keep things going after last year. I think they bounce back to reality a little before regaining some momentum. Plus the SEC is just so doggone tough.

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