Thursday, July 06, 2006

So long to Z

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Sunday marks the end to the great career of Zinedine Zidane. And now that he has performed so remarkably in this Cup run, many are calling for him to stay on.

To that I ask, "Why"?

For someone who already won a World Cup title in 1998, and has had a great club career, what is playing in Europe really going to bring to the guy. Seriously, he's reached the top, he's not going any further. And if he continues to play, we'll be left of images of his declining play.

Can't we just take this Cup and remember ZZ for it. I mean shouldn't Jordan have stopped after that shot in Utah. Did we really need those years with the Mystics?

Zidane doesn't need that. He's had a great career, and he's been great in this Cup.

A wise basketball coach once told me, "Final Impressions are lasting impressions."

I prefer to remember Zidane based on this glorious run. Now is the proper time for him to call it a career.


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