Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some things I've been thinking

Yesterday was the worst sports day of the year.

Aubrey Huff is a good pickup for the Astros, but it won't make a significant difference. He isn't going to Carlos Beltran them to the playoffs.

I'm a Blue Jays fan for the rest of the season. I figure if the Jays play well the rest of the way, at least one of the Red Sox or Yankees will be golfing in early October. That makes me smile, so go Jays!

The Mount's basketball schedule is out. I'm excited by it. Some games against winnable opponents out of conference. And some interesting non-conference games at home before Christmas. Maine, James Madison, and American at home, could all be victories. Road games at NC State, and Maryland provide a big-time atmosphere. And trips to Lasalle, Winthrop will hopefully be returned next year. Although my guess is that one of those games is not a return trip. Either way it could be a great non-conference home schedule in '07-'08. As the annual battle with Loyola will also be at the Mount that year, its in Baltimore this year. Return trips to Binghamton and Lafayette are possible places to gain a win on the road.

The Live Updates of the Tour de France are not as exciting or compelling this year without Lance in the race.

Very surprising to me that there are only three National League games and four American League games. I don't ever recall an All-Star break extending so long for so many.

Syracuse's latest committment, Nick Provo a Tight End from Florida seems to me like the type of recruit that Syracuse is going to need to get back to the top of the Big East. The SU coaching staff, must outevaluate the other schools, and sell kids who might be a half-step slower or two inches shorter than the blue chip, that they believe in their ability and they can make them shine at a BCS school. Then they must do that.

Not many top kids are going to want to come after the 1-10 embarrassment that was last season. So you have to find kids who others have set to the side and outrecruit your peers for them.

But Provo did have offers from Minnesota and South Carolina, so there were others who thought the kid could play at the next level. I like the get.

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  1. I like how you use "Carlos Beltran" as a verb!