Friday, July 07, 2006

Random Thoughts

The Luis Matos era is over in Baltimore. The outfielder was DFA'ed before last night's loss. The Orioles maybe trying to sneak him through waivers. But for what reason, he's had four years to prove himself and hasn't. He's better off getting a chance somewhere else.

I was the founding member of the Luis Matos fan club. Back when he was 0-for-18 or whatever he was to start his ML career, and I saw his first hit. At that point, I became a fan. But it just never worked out for Matos in Baltimore. Too bad, and good luck. I know there is at least one other fan saddened by the news.

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Why was I thinking of Dan Pasqua -- when Dan Johnson homered for the A's last night?

Why was I thinking of Dan Pasqua period?

Lots of bikes in town this weekend. Kinda noisy. But it shouldn't be bad on the golf course.

Speaking of golf, Tiger might have his groove back a little. Or at least his swing. He shot 4 under this morning, to make the cut at the Western Open. Still a lot of golfers on the course, but he's gone from Tied for 82nd to Tied for 27th. Not a bad day's work.

Unfortunate that the BC Open had to be moved due to the Susquehanna flooding. Not something we like to see. Never played (golf) at Turning Stone, but I've played a few hands there before.

Anybody else remember the Activision game Stampede for the Atari? Amazing how far technology has come. Great game though. Watch out for the Black Angus.

Yesterday was officially 8 weeks til the first college football game. So we're one day closer today. My thoughts remain the same. Go Chippewas.

Have a great weekend.

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