Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Random Ramblings

I like Padraig Harrington to win the British Open before. I've liked him before in majors. But for some reason, I like him again.

Do the Braves have a chance in the NL East? I didn't think so either. But they are hitting the snot out of the ball right now. Still it seems 11.5 is probably too much to overcome, because we don't expect the Mets to just totally tank from here. But at 5 back in the Wild Card race, I guess you have to call them a contender there.

Sprinkle me a Blue Jays fan for the second half. I figure if they play well, either the Red Sox or Yankees won't make the playoffs. Smile.

Why did I chuckle when I saw a truck full of junkyard cars today, carrying one with a University of Michigan vanity plate on it? Was it Mario Manningham that made me giggle?

Orange picked eighth in the Big East today. Good stuff. 1-10 will do that kind of stuff for you. But the outlook remains upbeat around the Hill. Seriously, I think they have to be better than last year, scoring a few points will keep them in many games. But I wonder how much the defensive losses will hurt. The D was not bad last year, but losing 7 starters can't be a good thing.

Major disappointment out of it all was Matt Reid not being academically eligible to begin play this fall. He joins Jermaine Pierce and Andrey Baskin on the casualty list. Although we sort of expected that, now didn't we.

Bruce Arena has been hired by the New York Red Bulls. Didn't take him long to land on his feet did it? We weren't happy with Arena and his managing of the US in Germany. But its no doubt that he's a top notch coach and will do well for New York.

The Orioles go for 4 straight wins tonight. That would be a season high. Scary isn't it? And scarier still that Russ Ortiz gets the ball. Oh, we love Russ.

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