Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Sports

It's Super Sunday. So I guess I have to make a pick.

Let's take the Hawks to win. Something like 24-17. Just a hunch. Too much focus on the Steelers in these parts. And if you put this game together before the playoffs, Seattle is a prohibitive favorite. I think they still win.

The Mount did what they had to last night. That was win. Wasn't the greatest performance but it served the purpose. So would a split on the road next weekend. Then they finish with a bunch 4 of 5 at home and a top seeding in the NEC would remain a probability.

Watched much of the Florida/Kentucky game last night. Florida doesn't have a lot on the wings, but they've got good strong guard play, and more than most teams have inside. I might be the only guy who thinks they can accomplish something in the postseason. I know they've had March Madness troubles in the past, but I liken them to Arizona. It took them some early exits before they figured it all out.

Enjoy it.

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