Friday, February 03, 2006

The New Orange

Recruiting is a crazy game. And watching how players develop through five years of college is always interesting. Most schools brought in 20-25 players yesterday. Approximately 15 will actually make a real contribution at the college level for most schools.

So how did the Orange do?

Well its anyone’s guess, and in five years we’ll know the right answer. But here is how I think this year’s class college careers go.

Listed in order by commitment date….

Mike Williams – WR – Buffalo NY – decent size from Western NY. My concern is he never gets to the Hill. I’ll bet he isn’t there in the fall. But arrives later and if the Orange gets as much production from him as they did from Jared Jones, I’ll call it a success.

Derek Hrinya – DB – Warwick NY – I think he has to play on the defensive side if he’s going to play. And I would think safety. But he does have good speed, so maybe they could make a big corner out of him. That would be a real good thing. My guess is that he never is more than a nickel back/special teams player.

Andrew Robinson – QB – Baltimore MD – This guy is going to lead the Orange to more wins than any other quarterback since McNabb. Not sure he’s going to be a superstar. But I think he’s going to be a super solid college quarterback, who will be a lot better as the years go on.

Jared Kimmel – DL – Harpursville NY – Great size, as far as height goes. But he needs to add a few pounds. So don’t look for him on the field too much before fall of 2008. Still I like his potential, and he might develop into a two-year starter before its all said and done.

Matt Reid – DB – Upper Marlboro MD – Another big corner, who I think is going to be a player at this level. I think he’ll see time as a redshirt freshman and leave with a fine resume.

Delone Carter – RB – Copley OH – Syracuse has always produced good numbers for running backs. Carter put up phenomenal numbers as a senior when he was named Mr. Ohio. I think he starts his final two years, after backing up Boonah Brinkley for two years, and is a huge asset to the program.

Ryan Bartholomew – OL – Hyattsville MD – one of eight offensive lineman in this class. Someone is going to move to defense. I don’t think its him. I think he’ll become a fine tackle for the Orange.

Jim McKenzie – OL – Springfield PA – This is my prize OL recruit. The guy I think turns out to be the best. He was first team All-PA as a senior and he might have the versatility to play a few different OL positions. I just like him. Enough to say maybe he starts three years.

Jonathan Meldrum – OL – Chatham VA – I’m excited to have him. But something just scares me about this one. I don’t think he develops the way you’d like, and I don’t see him playing at the end.

Adam Rosner – OL – Depew NY – Already on campus, so I give him the best chance to play next fall. The thing about him though is I think they might be thinking OL/DL, either way. So maybe that stalls his development. I think he’ll contribute, I’m just now sure where.

Anthony Perkins – OL – Washington DC – Also on campus via Milford Academy. Is he good enough to help at G or C in the fall? Likely we’ll find out early. From the same HS as Bartholomew. I think he helps in the middle quickly.

Nico Scott – DB – Greenbelt MD – I just don’t see him as a corner here. I don’t know why. But based on the fact that he was a HS QB, I’m thinking maybe he helps as a returner. Otherwise it maybe an uneventful career.

Ian Hammond – OL -- Mission Viejo, CA – Here’s the one guy that is guaranteed playing time next year. He will be the long snapper. Oh and Greg Robinson said he’d provide depth on the line. That means he’s a career backup there. And he got three stars.

Taj Smith – WR – Bakersfield, CA – Okay, so maybe two guys will get playing time next year. I expect Smith to step in and catch about two balls a game for the next two years. I don’t think he’s a superstar and I don’t think we have the offensive prowess to make it work even if he was. So let’s say he leaves after two years with 52 catches and a couple of long TD grabs.

Parker Cantey – LB – Brooklyn, NY – I get the sense that this is one Robinson really likes. I mean he said some people might want to put him on offense but we see him on defense. Who runs the defense? That’s right and Robinson wants him to be a part of things over there. I think he fits into a deep core of linebackers and becomes a player, but probably not quickly because of the depth of the position.

Dan Sheeran – WR – Cross River, NY – Might he get lost in the shuffle of all the young WR? It’s possible. We’ll have to wait this one out. If he ends up with as solid a career as Jeff Lowe, I’d be happy.

Tucker Baumbach – OL – Middletown, PA – You know that one of these offensive lineman isn’t going to work out. Based on his high school’s past history, I’d bet it’s him.

Jermaine Pierce – LB – Norristown, PA – If this guy gets to campus, I think he can help somewhere. Remember, I said if.

Derrell Smith – RB – Newark DE – Prime candidate to move to FB. If that happens color his career with 4 carries, 76 yards numbers. Oh wait, Pariani is gone. Maybe more. I think this kid will find a way to do something positive for the Orange. But it might just be a special teamer or specialized offensive role player.

Andrey Baskin – WR – Camden, NJ – The big word here is again if. If he gets here. Academics could once again be the problem. But I’m going to be positive and say he makes it and leaves as an NFL draftable receiver.

Larry Norton – OL – Bakersfield, CA – Brought in to play right away, or at least compete right away. I think he’s a long shot to make an impact.

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