Thursday, February 02, 2006

Game Ball

I'm giving one tonight to the Mount Student Section.

It's easy to be good fans when your team is hot or playing well.

But good fans are needed most when there are down times. And this is exactly where the students fit in tonight.

At the night's darkest hour, with the Mount trailing by 9 with about eight minutes to play and seemingly headed to their fourth straight conference loss, the students got loud. They got noisy. They were the sixth man.

And the players responded. All of a sudden jump shots that weren't falling, swished. Rebounds that were going to the dark uniforms went to the white ones. And a few whistles were either blown or not blown in favor of the home team.

The paper tomorrow with talk about Mychal Kearse's putback giving the Mount a 60-59 win and they'll make him the hero.

But I can't imagine he would have had the chance to wear that crown without the students.

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