Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boeheim the comic

He had just seen his junior forward/center rescue his team with a three-point prayer at the buzzer of overtime to save them from a fifth straight loss, and when Terrence Roberts in his moment of glory was asked what he was thinking when the ball ended up in his hands 20 feet from the basket and the game on the line, Boeheim ever the critic, interjected before Roberts had the chance to answer.

"The Lord's prayer," the hall of fame coach said.

That is pretty funny stuff. And Boeheim wasn't through. He acknowledged, "He shoots that shot everyday in practice. I tell him never to shoot it in a game."

After a win, that is funny stuff.

Syracuse needed a win, like Jake Plummer needs a haircut.

Sometimes a team gets going on strange things. Sometimes a team gets going on lucky bounces. Sometimes a team gets going on good wins. Syracuse got all three last night. Let's see if it gets them going.

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  1. 1 overtime...but you might be right about it not being a good win. But when your leader gets hurt in the first half and you're on a four-game losing streak and you win....maybe just maybe its a good win.