Monday, April 06, 2009

Three for Three

Three times the Mount has made the NCAA tournament.

Three times the team that eliminated them has gone onto win the National Title, the next year.

Kentucky beat Syracuse, Michigan State beat Florida and now Carolina has drilled Michigan State.

Congrats to the Heels, they were my pick, made all the way back on March 21st of 2008. That's right, that's the night they beat the NEC champions of a year ago, and I knew they'd win it this year.

But what a great performance. Other than the LSU game in Round two, this team was hardly threatened. It was just a magnificent performance by a dedicated group of talented players who fell short of a goal one season, only to regroup and leave no doubt the next season. Simply a great performance.

It's all over now, but one shining moment still awaits.

Hey and its a great day to be an Orioles fan. A great effort by many today as they rocked CC and the Yanks at the Yards.

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  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I could not help but notice how MSU, unlike the Mount a year ago, was unable to keep up with the speed of Carolina. As for the Orioles, don't bet any significant portion or your fortune on them, they will finish last again.