Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2011-12 Men's Basketball Schedule - Mount St. Mary's

2011-12 Men's Basketball Schedule - Mount St. Mary's:

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Here is the Mount 2011-12 basketball schedule. We missed one game in our pursuit of the schedule. And that was not done to make one fan of the blog unhappy. But the Mount will play in Savannah Georgia, versus Savannah State on December 22. The Mount won a home game with Savannah last year.

That game was part of the MTE Ohio event, so this is a new contract. Not sure if it includes a trip back to Emmitsburg or not.

Just looking at future schedules next year for fun, I think you can expect the Mount to play Hartford, Navy and possibly Savannah at home. Meanwhile they would two new series (replacing Albany and Siena) that could start at the Knott. If Savannah is a one-year deal that series could start at home. Road games next year would be due to Loyola and American.

And then they'd have the four big school dates to replace which generally pay the Mount and are on the road.

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  1. Any idea if The Mounties are accepting any tournament invites next season? Also any word on other asst. coach?

  2. Wonder why the roster is not published?

  3. Roster is everyone you knew, plus Aaron Brown