Friday, June 08, 2012

More recognition about the process

New Mount St. Mary’s coach hopes to bring the program back to its recent winning ways | Hoopville

Interesting that not much of the schedule was set when Jamion came on board. Does that mean a game with VCU might be in the works? Rams need a lot of non conference games after move to A-10.


  1. Pitt, Indiana, Goergetown, and GW so far. That is a great non-conference start! Can't wait for the season to start!

  2. Hey Mike,
    They are The Mounties opponents so far?

  3. Yes, so far. Very exciting!

  4. Wow, if this slate is legit, Powell is really going to like Jamion making all that money for them so fast. While it is fine to play big schools once in awhile, I sometimes wish that their schedule was made up of more teams similar to the Mount. That would mean more home games and possibly a better record. i do not like going into the NEC with a record of 2-12 or so every year. Let's just hold off until we see if they are truly going to play these teams that this mike dude says. It's difficult for me to believe anyone these days. However if you are correct mike, then thanks a lot.