Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Catholic Clash

Let's be honest, the start of the season hasn't been anything like we expected. But a game against Loyola always brings out the best. So let's hope today is the start of something.

The start of something just like it was back in 2007-08 when the Mount looked about as bad as could be in the game before the Loyola showdown. A 66-45 pounding from American was the precursor to the Mount's double-digit win Saturday afternoon win over Loyola. That sparked a 6-game winning streak and gave the team that gave the team momentum headed to the conference season. Eventually it all came together for that squad. The season ended with the last NCAA tournament appearance for the school.

Minus the injury to Kristijan Krajina this is still the team that most of us thought would perform at high levels this season. And there's no doubt that the level has not lived up to those expectations. And for 36 minutes against, the struggles offensively were as bad as they've been.

But I woke up this morning feeling that today is the day. Today's the day, this team starts it's run.

It's that rivalry game that matters each and every year.

This year, like December 2007, it matters a little more.

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