Monday, November 26, 2007

My Top 25

I realize that there are still some issues with my ranking system -- and I'm trying to work out the mathematics that is making things so out of whack, regarding a few teams. But for the most part, I'm pleased enough with this to place it here.

1. UCLA - They have been the best so far, and its hard to see it changing too much.
2. Kansas - The Jayhawks have been very impressive and got a huge hard fought win against Arizona.
3. Wisconsin - Rolling right along, not it gets a little more difficult.
4. Pittsburgh - A bunch of early wins. Let's see if they can continue against quality opponents.
5. Duke - The Devils have been oh - so - impressive and were excited for the matchup with the Badgers.
6. Texas A&M - Tremendous effort in the Big Apple
7. Florida - Obviously the loss to Florida State was a surprise to us. But we're giving them a pass for now.
8. Memphis - The Tigers have done everything that has been asked of them so far.
9. North Carolina - We realize that many think this is much higher. We're just waiting for total verification. And punishing a little for some odd scheduling.
10. Clemson - We really thought the win at Missisippi State was huge. But now the Bulldogs are struggling a little. Watching very closely.
11. Butler - Bulldogs with another huge early season tournament win.
12. Georgetown - Our numbers don't indicate even this much for the Hoyas. But we're going to put them here so you don't laugh at who we do have.
13. Texas - The Horns were very impressive at the Rock.
14. Washington State - Doing things the right way and looking to build on this.
15. Ohio State - Extremely impressive versus the Orange, but didn't follow up with much.
16. Kentucky - Shaking off the Gardner-Webb loss, and gaining experience.
17. Oregon - Even with the loss to St. Mary's we think the Ducks will exceed expectations.
18. Seton Hall - The Pirates are finding a way to win, against other teams that are winning.
19. Miami (FL) - Performance truly matters and the Canes keep on rolling.
20. Baylor - The Bears could be a real surprise in the Big 12 this year.
21. Alabama - The Tide gets a chance to impress the rest on Wednesday at AtM.
22. Boston College - Big win over Rhode Island for the New England Championship - (and this spot in the poll)
23. Vanderbilt - Commodores building on a huge finish to last season.
24. New Mexico - Six wins gets them a mention
25. St. Mary's - We knew the Gaels were good before they upset Oregon.

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