Monday, November 19, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

I've risen from the dead.

You'll notice that my last post was last July. As in July 2006. At that point the Orioles were trying to decide whether or not to trade Miguel Tejeda. Now 15+ months later, they are trying to determine if there is a market left for him. It has pretty much dried up. He is everyone's third or fourth option at this point.

I just want to say that the folks (or folk) at Storming the Floor has a great college basketball blog. He inspired me to do a little writing again. So go visit his site, we think you'll like it.

There is some good hoop tonight. Maryland/UCLA has to be the headline game. But around the dial, you've got four games in Maui, one of which is probably wrapping up right about now. Marquette was up eight at the half. Plus you've got them finishing up down in the Virgin Islands. You can't think that they expected the Final to be Baylor and Winthrop. And that might not even be the most entertaining game from the islands. The consy with Georgia Tech and Notre Dame could be worth watching. I'll also tune in for some of the second game at Maui. LSU and Oklahoma State are a pair of teams that nobody expects a lot from this year. One other game I may try to catch a bit of is UMKC at Arizona. I think the Cats will bounce back, but KC could give them some fits early.

Expect the Titans to win in Denver tonight. The Broncos just aren't that good.

Ok, so I'm back. A little rusty no doubt, but we'll try to be involved.

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