Monday, August 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

What is a Monday Night without a football game?

Did I really just see that the Blue Jays lost Alex Rios on a claim by the Chicago White Sox? That is a big contract to absorb, but one I'm pretty sure the Blue Jays are happy to get rid of.

The final game in the Mount schedule this year is booked. The Mount will play Siena in Albany. I'm trying to get word on whether or not its a multi-year deal or just a trip north this year.

Screw the curse of the Bambino. How bout the curse of the Fanblog? The Red Sox haven't won since I said they'd lose the AL wild card race last week. And now they've blown a four-run lead at home tonight.

Does the 4pm EST, 3pm local time start for the US/Mexico World Cup qualifier make any sense on Wednesday? Oh I know why it will happen. But it doesn't make any sense.

Count on Ryan Nassib to be the Syracuse quarterback this season. The Greg Paulus story is a nice one. But Nassib is just the better QB right now. And I expect him to be that for all of the season.

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