Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wild Card

I know the folks in Texas might not agree with me. And maybe the Rangers fans even believe they still have a chance to win the AL West. But I'm here to say that the AL Wild Card is coming out of the East. And as I was sitting here watching the Rays and Sox in Tampa tonight, I was just about ready to write that despite the fact that the Sox have a four-game lead (3 if the Rays hold on tonight) that I believe that the Rays will make up that ground over the last two months and make the playoffs.

I just don't think that the Red Sox have enough pitching to win it down the stretch. They added the key bat in Victor Martinez, and I think it is a hugh upgrade for Boston. But I'm not sure they can get it done with their starters.

And I just think the Rays (even though they didn't really add anything at the trade deadline) are ready to play very good baseball over the last 54 games. The key for Tampa is going to be doing better on the road. Thus far this season, they are six games under .500 away from the Trop. I think if they get back to 500 - meaning they win 17 of their next 28 away from Tampa, they make the playoffs.

If that happens, I just don't think the Red Sox will have enough to hold off the Rays.

It should be a great couple of months in the American League as at least one team capable of winning the whole thing isn't even going to make the postseason.

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