Monday, August 02, 2010

Paulus will appear at ARCC

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Greg Paulus will end up at Knott Arena afterall this year. It just won't be as a member of the Mount coaching staff. Instead, Paulus will venture back to Emmitsburg - he interviewed for a spot on Robert Burke's staff - when the Navy Midshipmen come to the ARCC during the non-conference portion of the schedule.

Fox Sports Jeff Goodman has reported that Paulus will join Billy Lange's staff as an assistant.

Frankly, I wasn't a big Paulus fan out of high school and at Duke. But a year under center for the Orange proved to me that the guy is going to be successful. Good for him - and I hope Navy wins a bunch of games and Paulus moves up the coaching ranks as quickly as possible. Of course, I hope they lose - badly - when they come to Emmitsburg.

The Mount won at the Naval Academy last season - before dropping 11 straight games.

Navy will also face former Mount Head Coach Milan Brown and his staff twice during the Patriot League regular season.


  1. I have spent some time now with the coach and several of his assistants. If you have not spoken much with them, I encourage you to do so.

    This is a very good bunch of people, very bright and energetic and they each have worked at places with exposure to some of the best student athletes and other coaches.

    I was frankly taken aback, this is a new direction for the Mount and I see a quantum leap for the future of the program.

  2. Raff: He also coached a Duke-area AAU team this summer before getting the Navy job. And the losing streak was actually nine; the winning streak was 11, even though the site shows us ending the season on a 12-game winning streak, lol.
    John: A quantum leap? Do you understand what the phrase "quantum leap" means? If you would have said we will be a better team under Burke, I would have reserved judgment until he actually gets to coach a game, but not held it against you. Unless we make the final four in consecutive years the biggest leap in Emmitsburg this season will be made by Raven Barber or Ja'Colby Wells.

  3. BG - So, you insist on setting your own ridiculous standards as yet another way to later claim the new coach and his staff simply could never be the equal of coach Bri. Sorry, buddy, the more you protest the more we see you as a downer.

    Wanna see the start of the 'quantum leap'???

    MSM has, through immediate and difficult recruiting ENGENDERED by the contacts the new coach and assistants have, offered scholarships for 2011 to at least four very good players (a fifth just signed with Rider).

    The players are - Elijah Bonsigore, Manny Thomas, Malcolm McMillan and Julian DeBose.

    If you do not know who the assistants are or where they came from, I will fill you in.

    If you are unfamiliar with any of the above mentioned players, I will give you more information.

    I am just here to enlighten you - keep the faith!

  4. John: I not only broke the news of the hiring of Burke, but all four of his assistants. And I follow the recruiting process closely. I was in the John Carroll gym and saw Malcolm with my own eyes to days ago. Not to mention I posted an update on Thomas today; spare me the lectures.

    Please find something more original than claiming I'm still holding on to Brion and being a downer. That argument is old and has been debunked. I support the Mount as much now as a I did as a manager.

    And feel free to comment/enlighten my blog anytime - just don't patronize me. I don't know everything so you probably could tell me a few things, but save the basic coaching/recruiting crap for someone who wasn't in the locker room for five years. I'm here to support the Mount, not get in an argument a guy named John.

  5. Hey Pyles-brotha BG! We have been onto MM for quite awhile so tell me something new. Anyways I was up your way a few times the past few months- went fishing at the Barrel in Norrisville then rode around through C-W to Delta as well. Every car that was behind me or I passed, I kept looking to see if it was you, my superhero.

  6. Hey John, I have a feeling that Shawn will be first team or maybe even player of year. What do you think?

  7. I like sachin tendulkar he is the one of the best batsman in the world

  8. Richard - I promise you will see a vastly new offensive approach. Yes, I love Shawn and with the right attitude and supporting cast he may be very special again this coming year.

    The Mount is losing its chief competitor in Jeremy, so most are picking this year's team to go down a few notches, but there may be some pleasant surprises to counteract these expectations.

    I like the interchangeable parts with Barber, Thompson, Jackson and Wells. In a more run and gun offense, the substitutions can add stamina and wear other teams out.

    Krajina was a super producer before his ACL surgery and last year his quad strength was suspect. He could be a major contributor.

    Gotta like Cajou again, especially if he does not have to carry the load and gets aggressive. I cannot predict the upside for Pierre but it may be substantial.

    Point guard? Many candidates on the roster. If any one shines, we probably have a good year.

    Personally, I like Golladay and what I have seen of both freshmen. Again, could surprise, since hardly anyone is expecting anything from these three, mostly because they remain unknowns.