Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tids and Bits

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

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So the marquee home game of the Mount schedule is off the books. It is a disappointment that Siena won't be visiting the Knott Arena this year. Let's hope the Saints still have to return the game in future years. My thoughts are that by connecting the dots they do. But I maybe looking too far into it. The Mount moved the game because of a scheduling conflict with the MTE it was a part of. The one that has games in Dayton and Cincinnati. At one point Murray State was also a part of that, but when the Racers were offered a spot in the ESPN-run tourney in Anaheim over Thanksgiving they bolted. That changed some dates around and the Mount was left with Florida A&M at home, and Savannah State on the road. And that brought up the conflict with the Siena date. So now Princeton will host Siena. You may remember that Robert Burke was an assistant at Princeton so it's possible that Princeton gets the Mount's home game against Siena - and then comes here in a future year. Or maybe the Mount helped Siena get the game, which will keep it on the schedule in a future year. I don't know the particulars, so I'm clearly speculating...but it is August and there is a lot of that allowed.

Congrats to Coach Jim Phelan on going into the Marine Hall of Fame. The folks in Springfield are still missing out....but this is a great honor. Phelan seemed pretty excited about this induction as well, which is a little more than normal for him. But he was wearing a Marine Corp hat the last time I saw him. A well deserved honor. He'll also go into the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame later this year. They just don't get it in Springfield.

7 out of 8 for the Orioles now. And it was all offense last night. I liked how Buck Showalter gave his young pitcher a chance to get through five innings and earn the win. As far as I'm concerned wins are overrated as a pitching stat in baseball - but its the one we measure folks so. So Showalter allowing Arrieta to get the win in Cleveland last night was a big thing.

I've got to admit, I didn't hang in there with the US National team last night. I guess it was just a post-World Cup funk. But I just wasn't interested in watching a half-rate US team try to battle Brazil. The Brazilians were also using a young and inexperienced lineup. But look for that team to be ready come 2014, when Brazil hosts the World Cup. Color the Brazilians the Favorites.

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And I guess I can't get through an August posting without something about the Orange football team. A bowl is the goal this year. And with the return of Delone Carter and Colgate and Maine on the schedule it isn't unrealistic. Expect Syracuse to be the champion of the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl when they play in the Bronx this winter.


  1. Is the official schedule published anywhere yet? If not, when will it be? I really need to know so I can reserve hotel rooms at a cheaper price early on priceline. Thanks.

  2. I don't think there is anything official from the Mount yet. I know you can find some official schedules out there, like the Albany one. Dayton is out and shows Nov 13. Vermont is official on Dec 29. Niagara is official per them on Nov 22. Tuesday Dec 7 at Penn State per PSU Athletics. That is about as official as I can get for you.

    Good Luck with the hotels.

  3. Raff, thanks for the tips. Is the game against Cincinnati on Monday Nov. 15th? If so I will reserve rooms from the 12th thru 15th some location in between Dayton and Cincy. If I am still alive and in good health, barring yet another surgery(just had 2nd knee replacement on left leg in July to correct 1st one done wrong last year)-I will be at the Penn St. and Vermont game. I doubt I make the Albany or Niagara game(We will see. This year my NEC trip is the NYC one(last year it was CT). May go to the Savannah St. game too (we love the city of Savannah). As I said it depends on my health, I'm tired of going to games in big pain or on crutches or cane. It also depends on if the returning players put as great an effort in since their daddy left. If not, then I may just go to local Colonial conference games instead, lol. Do any of you believe that the effort will be any less from the returners?