Monday, April 04, 2011

Butler gets Mount off the hook

It took until the final college basketball game of the season. But that dismal shooting performance in Blacksburg won't go down as the worst 2 point shooting percentage game of the season. Instead, Butler outdid outshot now has that distinction. The Mount, as you may painfully recall, was 4-for-36 from inside the arc that afternoon. That's 11.1% for the mathematically challenged. Up until tonight that was the worst 2 point shooting performance of the year. But Butler's 3-of-31 (9.6%) misery takes that away.

Thanks to Ken Pomeroy for the stat.

And just remember a team that went 9-9 in the Big East just won the national title.

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  1. It is the most exciting time of the year. The spring signing period is upon us.

    Danaher signed, had a good year in a higher league, very long and good feet.

    Holley should be signing. NYC guard, will contribute early in his career.

    Aja ?.

    Washington unlikely. Oiver talented. Barnes would be a steal.

  2. Well, it now definitely looks like the three recruits are Danaher, Holley and Parker. I have to admit, I'm underwhelmed at this point. Let's hope that these guys are sleepers that are great finds. In looking at them at this point, all three were very lightly recruited... and none of them were recruited by schools at a higher level than the Mount. Parker seems to be the most intriguing... the Mount seemed to be his only D1 offer. He mentioned that he had a D2 offer and interrest from some D3 schools. On the surface, that's a little scary. On the other hand, he was a PIAA AAAA 1st Team All State selection. Those honors are typically reserved for Mid-Major to Major prospects. I'm going on the hope that he was a steal. Let's hope for the best!

  3. Well, this is John #1, (not the last commenting one).

    Danaher is a long center, good prospect, redshirt?
    Holley is a NYC guard and tough. Good pickup. Parker I do not think is on scholarship, so if that is true, not a bad freebie, since he scored 1,400+ in HS for a good team.

    Stay tuned. More to come. You may be "whelmed" yet.