Friday, June 24, 2011

Coaching News

While I spent the last day or so tracking down the Jamion Christian to VCU story it appears there is some movement on the coaching staff of Robert Burke that went unnoticed.

I am still trying to track down exactly what has occurred. But I know from reliable sources that there has been at least one change on the coaching staff. Still trying to track down exactly what that is and I will update all of you as I have the news. I wasn't paying attention but back in May, Ahmad Dorsett joined the High Point coaching staff after a 1-year stay at the Mount. I've heard that the Mount has made the hire to replace Dorsett, I've just one or two more square pegs to round out.

We do know that Wagner has filled the spot on it's staff with Scott Smith. Smith previously served as the DBO for Dan Hurley and takes the spot vacated by Luke Murray when he left for Towson.

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