Monday, July 23, 2012

My take on the Penn State situation

I'm going to rant and you can like it or not. If you don't want to read, scroll down. But folks, (in my best Allen Iverson voice), "We're talking about FOOTBALL! Seriously, we're talking about FOOTBALL!" 

Having football taken away isn't the end of the world. 

But you know what might be? Being raped. Or even worse being raped as a kid.

And even though these sanctions affect others than the folks that committed the heinous acts - and yes I'm talking about the cover up. There were no sanctions today because Jerry Sandusky raped kids. There were sanctions because the Penn State administration, its athletic director and head football coach knew about the probability (if not more than that) and decided to do nothing. And then even knew they were wrong when suggesting that "we could be in trouble if this ever came out"

Now I'm sure they didn't think they'd be in this much trouble. And that is the point. That is why the sanctions are as severe as they are, because they knew what there were doing was wrong. And they chose not to risk hurting the football program and put young children at severe risk.

So I agree there are lots of innocent people being affected today. And I feel sorry for some of them. Lots of innocent people who did nothing worse than show up every Saturday to cheer for their beloved. And that's not a crime. Others who've done nothing but try to represent that University in the best way possible.

But I remind you we're talking about FOOTBALL.

Don't take joy in today. Don't take pride in any part of this. Don't complain about it being too harsh or too lenient. Don't waste that energy.

Do whatever you can humanly do to make sure it never happens again.

And remember it was INNOCENT children who were affected by this to begin with.

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