Friday, July 20, 2012

NYC Buckets looks at the incoming class


  1. The article captured the spirit of what is going on at The Mount, for sure.

    Interesting, they missed the two transfers, Prescott and Whack. Prescott was thought by all to be the best player on last year's team and Whack can shoot and may surprise.

    Two starting fives?

    1. Thanks for making me aware of the oversight, Harry. I mistakenly overlooked them, especially Prescott. I'll edit the post tonight.

      As far as Crockett was concerned, I really tried digging for info on him, but I couldn't find much. He wasn't ranked among '11-12the Texas recruits, but you can't ignore his contribution on a great high school team. I guess I'll learn more about Crockett during the fall practices.

      Thanks for reading guys and thanks again Ryan for the link. You're my main source for MSM news!

  2. Harry,

    Yes, I caught that about the oversight of the transfers, lol. Also, I find it strange that Crockett was not recruited by any bigtime schools. Heck, he nearly averaged double figures playing for one of the best teams in the nation with 2 of the best recruits for next year. I really cannot find that much hype anywhere about Crockett except for newspaper articles describing his performance in various games. What's up with that, do you know? He also failed to mention Raven Barber, who I think will become the beat that we all thought he would be this year!!!

  3. Oh, by the way, in reference to links providing info on the Mount: Have any of y'all read this little story on Norfleet in the Hanover Sun?

  4. I saw Crockett play twice, in the TX playoff games this Spring. He, like Graves, appears to be talented, centered, energeitc and of course the team with the Harrison twins lost in the finals in a very competitive game. I agree, you just can't predict how it translates, but I like his chances.

    Now about Danaher. Surprise - he can shoot with either hand and finishes well. No, I don't know how his strength or lack of it will play out, but - he could have four years and seven footers are rare.

  5. Guys, I updated the post. Thanks for making me aware of my oversight.

    You all are a passionate and knowledgable group of fans, makes me jealous since most Sacred Heart students/alumni (my alma mater) could care less about SHU basketball, haha.

  6. The word that comes to mind when reading this is "weapons"! Coach is loading up on weapons to run (and run) his offense. I still like that last year Whack, Prescott and Danaher ran on the same team all season.The coaches running a high D1 practice has improved all of the guys, though word is that the incoming freshman found a steeper learning curve. Very excited for the year to start!

  7. Ryan thanks for the post but I disagree with your update saying Whack won't play a big role. If you research him he was actually the highest recruited SG in his class in the CAA when he came to Mason. He was a DC All Met player coming out of McNamara which and competed against great competition in the WCAC (argubly the best high school conference in the country). Just didn't fit into the system on obviously a good team in Mason that had a full talented back court.

  8. I'm tellin' ya. Two starting fives.

  9. We'll see. There are only so many players that can contribute. We are at the point of the offseason where every fanbase thinks their team will be he most improved.

    You guys love the team, Monmouth fans think their 4 recruits are legit, RMU fans think their junior college transfers will be beasts, Quinnipiac fans love their 4 freshman guards coming in....and so on and so forth.

    One thing is for certain though, I'm looking forward to covering this Mount team. The offensive tempo should make games at Knott a lot of fun.

    It's going to b a great season in the NEC!

  10. But MSM really does have 13 scholarship players who WILL contribute! Haha

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