Saturday, January 19, 2013

RIP The Earl of Baltimore

Sad sad news this morning to hear of the passing of Earl Weaver. The guy made me love the game of baseball - and he made me love his Orioles.

Also sad that the lasting image will have of Earl is for moments like the above (and don't hit the play button with kids in the room) when in fact he was a great manager. Weaver won nearly 60% of the games he managed over his 18 years with the Birds. He took the Orioles to 4 World Series.

He's gone but he'll never be forgotten.

The Hall of Famer once said, "when I die just put 'the sorest loser that ever lived' on the tombstone."

Unfortunately that time has come. But everytime there's a three-run homer hit by the black and orange we'll remember the Earl of Baltimore.

Rest In Peace

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