Sunday, January 22, 2006

Back at it

A lot to talk about since I haven't written in a few days.

The editors have allowed me to talk about the Mount again. The Mounties have won five of six. Five of five until last night and some readers were afraid if I mentioned it here, that would be the end of the run. Not that were superstitious but we bought into in. Last night's loss at home was a tough one. Central Connecticut shot the ball extremely well at the outset, but had a lot of trouble scoring of the game's final 37 minutes. They scored 28 in the first eight minutes, but only 31 in the next 37, but managed to win 59-57 in overtime. CCSU had three FG in the first 14+ minutes of the second half. The Mount blew a five-point lead with three minutes left and still led by four with two to play. They had an early lead in OT. The Mounties didn't score in the final two minutes of regulation or overtime. The Mount is now in a three-way tie in the NEC for third place, and plays two on the road next week. If they want to be a contender, they need to find a way to execute at the end. Last night was not a game that should have been a loss.

But they could have been Syracuse. The Orange trailed 12-0 before even getting a shot off, and had so many turnovers in the first half you would have thought Joe Fields was in the game. Its off to Pittsburgh for a Big Monday showdown. Nice to catch the Panthers coming off their first loss.

But how bout the Big East yesterday. Georgetown and West Virginia both secured big out of conference wins. And UCONN is likely to move to #1 in the polls tomorrow.

My picks for today's football games. Seattle and Denver. I'm rooting for the two others. But I just think 3 games on the road in as many weeks against good football teams is too much.

Anna Benson is headed to Baltimore, and her husband Kris is coming with her. I sort of like the deal. And will be interesting to see if the Orioles now move pitching for offense. If I was Eric Bedard, I wouldn't get too comfortable. My concern though is what to make of the Oriole bullpen. It seems like they have lost a lot of parts (3) Ryan, Julio, Kline without adding a lot Hawkins. We'll see how that shakes out.

Ok, I'm going to watch some football.

I'll be a better blogger this week.

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