Monday, January 09, 2006

Hit or Miss

First the important buddy Travis, a Pitt fan, is doing something far more important than anything you or I is doing this week. He's spending a week helping to rebuild in the Gulf Coast region. He's got a blog about it, and you should check it out and do anything that you can to help. Good stuff Travis. Thanks for the effort.

Ok, now basketball. The rigors of the Big East felt by UC tonight. The Bearcats humbled a bit in Gampel. UCONN has been struggling some but might now be getting into it after playing such a cupcake schedule in December. They will jump into my Top 10 with this win. I think.

Somebody run an IQ test on Marcus Vick. I mean seriously the guy just isn't too smart. By my math, it took him two days to get himself into trouble after getting thrown off the Virginia Tech football team. This time he pulled a gun on three teenagers in the parking lot of a Suffolk Virginia restaurant. My initial thought was he must have been mad that they wouldn't drink his alcohol.

Is the Kansas City job really that much better than the Jets? Or did Herman Edwards just sense that another 4-12 year in the Meadowlands might not be a good thing?

The media is trying to make something of the Carson Palmer injury. Sure it was a tough tough break for the Bengals, but it wasn't a diry hit. Palmer to his credit put that to rest as well. Good for him. We like Carson Palmer. We still can't believe that was brother at quarterback for UTEP.

Speaking of college football, did we tell you the Horns would win. Yeah we thought so. But we're not as smart as our favorite blogger, Roch Kubako - he doesn't get a link, we reserve that for Travis, who hit the score outright.

Sort of Duke, then Florida and a whole lot of mush in the college basketball poll isn't it. Well I'm still high on Illinois, but their offense has shown chinks in the Big Ten. I've got Duke, Florida, Illinois, Cincy and Pittsburgh five entering the day. But Cincy will have to fall after their loss. Does that mean I move Northern Iowa into my top 5? It could be.

The Panthers have a road win at LSU and a win over Iowa. They are tenth in the RPI and they've won 10 out of 11 or something like that. But they are still not ranked by the AP.

Neither is my Orange, who is 13-2 with a 10-game win streak. Seems odd. But if they play well the next few games they'll jump in there. How bout a stretch of @ Notre Dame, @ Cincy, Connecticut, @ Nova, @ Pitt? Anybody even want to argue that the ACC is the better conference?

Didn't think so.

I'll try to be better, I'll try to be back tomorrow.

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