Tuesday, January 17, 2006

There have been worse nights

I'll be 100% honest. No fan ever likes to see their team lose. I'm no exception. And the beating the Orange took last night hurt. But at the same time, I only get upset about one loss a year. That's the one that comes in March. Other than that its all preparation for the six-game run in March.

The disappointing thing about last night is that it clearly demonstrated that SU is not among the national's elite. No doubt about that now. Before last night, it was still a question. And in fact, I was teetering with the idea that there were closer than they really are. Last night made me realize two things. UCONN maybe the elite of the elite and Syracuse is clearly not a Final Four team. Yet. And the fact is they're a lot better than they were a month ago, and they've got two months to reach the level they need to be at. It's still possible.

My biggest disappointment was that the Orange game kept me away from the Double OT thriller between S. Illinois and N. Iowa. Don't snicker, I'm serious. Not sure either of those two teams are elite either. But I'll guarantee at least one of them makes it through the first weekend of the tourney.

Some guy named Ovechin scored last night. Anybody know anything about it?

Nice to know the Jets front office listens to the Fanblog. I mean you had to know that all those interviews with this year's outkasts were just a formality.

Just a hunch that David Duval might perform well at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic this weekend. Duval once shot 59 there and he seemed to find a groove in last week's Sony Open in Hawaii. After all he's been through, I'm at least rooting for him.

Anybody else happy the Aussie Open is on late night? I mean its the perfect thing to fall asleep to.

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