Friday, December 28, 2007

Butler and Southern Illinois in a battle; sports night on the fly

The Salukis just hit a big three to take a lead with 1:00 left. They have led most of the second half and deserve a result in this game. However, it took back to back threes to erase a three-point deficit and put them up three.

The Mount has stayed in the game at Oregon during the first half. 41-36 at the half. Great long-range shooting has the Mount down four. Chris Vann and Will Holland have both shot it well. Meanwhile, the Ducks are shooting somewhere around 70% from the floor. Something will give in the second half. Hope its not the Mounties.

Mike Green scores for Butler to cut it to one. So Illinois missed the free throw and Butler has a chance. Looked like there was going to be a foul call as Mike Green was going to the basket. On the replay it looks like Green called the t.o. to avoid the travel. 9.9 seconds left and Butler is down one. Butler got nothing off the inbounds, and end up traveling. Salukis need to make some free throws. Either way, Butler will have a chance to force overtime. AJ Graves just hit from 30 feet, like he knew he was going to make it, and Butler escapes with the win. Graves took the inbounds with 6.2 left and all but walked it up the floor, to make the long three. 57-55 win for the Bulldogs.

The Mount has tied it early in the second half in Eugene. 42-all on a Sam Atupem layin with 18:42 left.

Meanwhile, in the other matchup between the states of Maryland and Oregon that has more of the attention, the Beavers are driving trying to break a tie in the Emerald Bowl. They just did in a strange fashion. A fumble rolled in the end zone and Oregon State recovered. 21-14 OSU.

Meanwhile in the Texas Bowl, TCU has a comfortable 20-10 lead and the Cougars just missed a field goal.

15:39 left in the second half and Oregon leads 48-45. The Mount shooting 48% and Oregon at 70%. The Mount is 7-fo-14 from behind the arc. Oregon has the ball up three.

The Mount has tied it on a long three by Vann, and the Ducks 14th turnover has given it to the Mount and Jean Cajou gives the Mount a 50-48 lead.

It's really fun to hear the Duck announcer at this point. Starting to give a little credit to the Mount. But more and more its bad officiating and the like.

A two-point Oregon lead with 11:42 left in the game. Still a chance for the Mounties. They've gone a long way from home tonight and have a chance inside of 12 minutes. They are starting to miss more threes and sounds like the looks aren't as good. They hit a spot in the Winthrop win, where they recovered from that, let's see what happens here.

They are now running a counter on the NFL Network. The countdown til the Giants/Patriots game. Wonder if that is being simulcast.

The Ducks have scored eight straight points. They now lead 56-50. Been awhile since the Mounties have scored. They need something off a set here soon. Brown called a timeout. Let's see what they come up with.

Markus Mitchell turned it over and Malik Hairston scored at the other end. 10 in a row for Oregon.

Houston has the ball back and is trying to drive to tie the Texas Bowl. Does anyone care?

Chris Vann has ended the drought, but Oregon got a three at the other end off a near steal and its a 61-52 Oregon lead.

Houston just had a pass out of the outstretched hands in the endzone. They will get at least one more play. It didn't look like we'd ever get here a few minutes ago. They just got another throw to the endzone. Fell helplessly to the ground. Now with one second left, one more play.

Oregon has seized control with an 17-2 run. I expected this run much earlier. But this is for all intents and purposes over. Will Holland has drawn the Mount within 11, but Oregon keeps scoring.

Houston didn't get much of chance on the last play. TCU got to the quarterback and the ball just got away and fell helplessly. Another win for your bowl pool.

Credit the Mount, they've got back into it a little at 69-61. Jeremy Goode has scored five straight points and Sam Atupem got a big rebound bucket. The Mount is now 8-21 from three though.

The Mount is within 5 with 2:13 left, but Malik Hairston, who now has 22, scores quickly to make it seven.

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