Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

Go back in the archives and find what blogger called for the Orioles to get rid of Miguel Tejeda if they could acquire Troy Patton. Sure it was a year and a half ago. But the Orioles finally came through. And they got four other guys to boot.

I am pleased with the way it turned out for the Orioles. They weren't going to get current All-Star level talent in return for Tejeda. Not anymore anyhow. So they did the next best thing, they got a conglomerate of players that may develop into something near All-Star level. The truth is, Patton hasn't exactly lived up to the level I had him at two summers ago. And the fact that he had some shoulder soreness at the end of last year bothers me. Albers was far from unhittable last year. But he is the guy Baseball America projects as the Astros #2 starter in four years. And Costanzo can flat out mash. If he makes contact. He hit 27 homers for Double A Reading last season.

So basically, I'm saying I like it. Tejeda is gone. He needed that. And he very well might have a huge season in Houston. But he wasn't going to have that season in Baltimore. So now the Orioles get something in return. And something that may last quite awhile.

They have to get more quality players when they trade Bedard and Roberts, but this one was just fine.

Bobby Petrino will work out just fine in Arkansas. After the way they butchered the whole process, it makes sense that he ends up there.

I like Aaron Rowand a lot. That seems like a real good deal for the Giants and I'm sure he'll do well there. But anytime you see numbers like that, they just have to be shocking. 5-years, 60 million. How can that not be shocking?

Does anybody really care about the Mitchell Report? Seriously, what good is going to truly come of it. These infractions occured years ago. Move past it. Punish what happens now. And be serious about those punishments. But what happened in the past is done. Move on. I'm so glad we can be done hearing about all this by Christmas. Chuckle.

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