Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some Late Night Thoughts from The Sports World on the fly

Been wondering all day how Oakland got Oregon to come play at their place. Just flipped over to the game and its the second game at the Palace behind Michigan State/Texas. Makes a lot more sense. The Ducks are in definite trouble at the moment.

As I watch Illinois/Missouri, I can't decide if I'm watching an 8/9 game or an NIT Final Four matchup.

Back to the Valpo upset bid, Bryan Bouchie has fouled out for Valpo with 10 minutes left and the Crusaders up one. Still up one as the Badgers are 9-19 from the line.

I know many have complained about the Big Ten Network, but I'm a fan. I think I'm with this game til the finish. And it wouldn't be that way without the BTN. It's fairly choppy play right now. But Valpo has a good chance to win this down the stretch. They just showed Bryce Drew against Ole Miss (who is still unbeaten) again. I think they got the video off of YouTube.

Flipped over to Vegas Bowl during the under eight timeout, and I realized that Paul McGuire is one of the most entertaining announcers out there.

Valpo now up three with the ball and 7 minutes left. I think they are going to win - and a three out of the corner makes it 6.

Big response by Bohannon, he drilled a three to make it a three point game. But Valpo got a great back door cut and layup for a five point lead. Wisconsin countered to cut it to three.

Valpo is playing much better right now, then they were five minutes ago. At that point it looked like they were playing to hold on. Now it looks like they ar playing to win. Vandy is in a tight spot with Tennessee State, but they lead by 3 in the second half.

I don't know what the NCAA rules are for blogging from your couch. Hope I'm not breaking them. Chuckle.

If there wasn't a Big W in the middle of the floor, and Red and White everywhere, you'd know where this game was being played by watching the striped shirts. Or maybe the Badgers are just that much stronger. No after that quick jumpball with the possession arrow favoring Wisconsin, I'm sure its the refs. Tied at 54 under 4 to play.

Micheal Beasley had a nice night tonight. 40 points and 15 rebounds. Winston Salem needs Big House. I think Beasley's stay in Manhattan may be shortlived. Shocker.

Wisconsin has really turned up the defensive intensity and it appears that might be enough. Valpo hasn't score a field goal in over 4 minutes. The Badgers lead by 1 - and are headed back to the free throw line with 1:47 left. Shocker

Under a minute left and Wisconsin can't make the free throws to seal it. 11-24 now and they lead by four. 11-25. But on the scramble for the rebound Igbavboa just fouled out. Actually it was after Valpo already had the rebound - and was headed down the floor down four.

At large bids are so hard to get. You have to wonder if a loss like this takes Valpo out of consideration. They don't have a marquee win, only one loss thus far at Vanderbilt, but they play at Carolina next week. So you have to figure they'll get another. And hard to imagine them not losing another or two in the Horizon. Probably have to stay under five losses to get an at large. With an RPI of 59, they are going to need to make up some ground. I think even in December, you can say they have to win the Horizon tourney to get in. But there is still a lot of basketball to be played.

Missouri just dropped the Braggin Rights Game to Illinois by a point in St. Louis. They had two possessions to try to win it in the final minute, and didn't get a shot off. Made it seem like the NIT.

Looks like the Cowboys are going to survive in Carolina tonight. They lead by 10 with 5 minutes left. But the Panthers are about to get the ball back. Had to look up where Matt Moore played QB last year. I thought it was at Oregon State, and I was right. But I had to look it up, so I'm not bragging.

Do you think Roy Williams would have left Steve Smith down the middle of the field on 4th and 9? Smith is hurt at the end of the long play. Both he and TO have now hobbled off tonight. Although Smith's injury is a shoulder, or so it looks.

The Panthers have made a field goal to get it to seven. Now they need a stop and a touchdown. Seems unlikely from here, but there is still three minutes left.

Dallas able to run out the clock and can clinch homefield with a Packers loss to the Bears tomorrow. If Green Bay wins, then Dallas can clinch with a win over Washington next weekend. You know the Cowboys don't want to goto Lambeau in the playoffs. And you also know the Redskins would love to send them there.

Chris Markey just became the first runner to go over 100 yards against the BYU defense this year. The Bruins have a chance to pull this one out. But they've got to drive the length of the field for a game winning field attempt. Another Markey carry has moved it out to the 37.

By the way, it's over in Detroit. Oakland has pulled the upset of Oregon. I'm sure the Ducks will be in a sour mood when the Mount arrives there after Christmas. Perfect.

UCLA completed a pass on a third down play against the face of the blitz, to get way down into BYU territory. Forbath has a 28-yard field goal partially blocked and it just fell under the crossbar. So BYU finished 11-2 with a 17-16 win in Las Vegas.

Great to know there is more sports tomorrow. But what an exciting day this was.

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