Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All Star Game watching

I know my wife isn't going to let me watch this whole thing. I'm sure she's going to make me watch Big Brother 10. But sitting through a night of Tim McCarver might be too much anyhow.

A nice pregame ceremony but not sure Joe Buck was the best voice for it. Still it was nice to see all those legends together. And I guess baseball didn't even have a Pete Rose controversy, but the all-time hits leader isn't in the Hall of Fame. Problem solved.

8:48: Well we are now underway and Cliff Lee has struck out Hanley Ramirez. The Marlin shortstop was swinging for the Downs.

8:52: Lee has worked his way through the first inning. He added another strikeout of Utley. Now the AL gets its chance. I really think the American League is going to win tonight.

8:54: A good start for Ben Sheets as well. He got Ichiro to sky out. Derek Jeter is now up. I have to agree he's the most overrated player in the game right now. Don't get me wrong he's good, but he gets a lot of hits like that. I mean Utley could have maybe even should have made the play.

8:58: Sheets gets Hamilton and Rodriguez to finish the inning. Then they just showed that ballgirl video as part of the commercials. I guess Gatorade determined it wasn't such a bad spot after all.

9:03: Here's my wife to watch Big Brother. Chipper smacks a single to center.

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  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Hey man, I feel your pain. My wife put me through the same thing lol! I wouldn't have stayed up for the entire game anyway, but that's what tv is for, the news. Saw this post on rootzoo, keep the good work comin' our way.