Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If we're good for one thing.....

it's pictures of hot tennis players. Since Ashley
Harkleroad (is that her name) decided to bare all in Playboy and Jelena Jankovic (I spelled it right) was on the cover of FHM - there have been a lot of google searches recently looking for hot tennis players. Of course, we here at the fan know all about that.

But it struck as pretty cool that one
blogger thought he knew which 10 tennis players should follow Harkleroad's lead and show nothing but a net cord. And of course, as we always do, we had to disagree. I mean seriously what list is complete without Tamira Paszek and a historical shot of Sandrine Testud. That is them, pictured above. There is some comedic value to Testud, but you'll just have to trust me.

Of course since Greg Norman and Chris Evert are back in the news. Couldn't we stand a pictorial of Chrissy as well?

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