Saturday, July 26, 2008

Festive Atmosphere in Vegas....Cotto Margarito Live Blog

Three fights in the books already....they've sung the Mexican national anthem, the Puerto Rican national anthem, the US national anthem and the fighters are making their way to the ring. We think it will be a good one.

Antonio Margarito is in the ring, Miguel Cotto is about to join him. This is the biggest fight in a long time. Let's enjoy it.

ROUND ONE: There was a lot more action the second half of the round. Cotto strung together some combos midway through the round, but I thought Margarito landed some good punches in the final minute. It was a close round. I'll score it to Cotto.

ROUND TWO: A highly entertaining round. Cotto seemed in control early, making Margarito miss. But the punching machine started connecting more and more as the round wore on and he caught Cotto on the ropes. A flurry at the end from Cotto wasn't enough to steal the round.

ROUND THREE: Cotto did more punching when he was on the ropes that round. But Margarito still only knows one speed. Full speed ahead. It was a close round, but I'll take Cotto.

ROUND FOUR: It had more of a feeling of the first minute of the first round. But when Cotto stood in front of Margarito, the Mexican connected. There was less activity this round, but Margarito controlled it.

ROUND FIVE: Harold Lederman disagreed with my round four scoring. But I still see Margarito landing more punches. Although Cotto just stung him wih a short left there. Cotto is definitely moving more the last two rounds and that makes the fight more to his liking. Some good action near the end, I'll score the fifth in favor of Cotto.

ROUND SIX: Cotto might have a slight cut over his left eye. But its not bleeding much, if at all, but they worked on it in the corner between rounds. Cotto is getting more and more control of this fight, as the rounds wear on. And even though Margarito continues to go forward, Cotto is too good defensively, and counters well, and is strong enough to punch out of any little bit of trouble he gets himself into. Still this has gotten a little better for Margarito over the last few moments. For me that round was very close and the crowd shows its appreciation. I think it has to go to Margarito.

ROUND SEVEN: I've got it even halfway through. Lederman on the broadcast has Cotto up 4-2 in rounds. Its very close, but all of a sudden Margarito seems to be landing more and more punches. And connects with a combo there and has Cotto on the move a little bit. Cotto might even be a bit hurt at the moment. Although now he punches back. Cotto needs to move more. Some big punches from Margarito. The Mexican's best round of the fight. Clearly his.

ROUND EIGHT: Let's see how Cotto responds. He trails on my card and it has to be close everywhere. He is definitely moving more in the first thirty seconds. Trying to slow Margarito down. Mexico chants ring out. The crowd sensing the control for Margarito. Still Cotto is being more sucessful with his plan this round. A flurry from Margarito near the end though. The first batch was well defended. But he landed some big ones later, although Cotto countered as well. It was a closer round than some might have thought. As Cotto is more accurate with his punches. I'm going to give it to Cotto.

ROUND NINE: Lederman and I now agree its even through eight. But Lederman gave Margarito the last. He is still coming forward. And bothering Cotto. Still Cotto counters back, and he is moving more. Although at times it is in reverse. Now the Puerto Rico chants come. Cotto ducked several punches and then countered back. Cotto is doing more punching off the ropes than we've seen in a while. There were some clean counters there for Cotto. I'm going to give him the round as a result, in what seemed like a pretty even round.

ROUND TEN: Not sure if Margarito is tiring, but he doesn't seem as busy. He still comes forward. But not quite with the same vigor. Plus Cotto has hit him hard while coming forward a few times, so he might just be more leery at the moment. It appears Cotto has fought this whole fight on his heels. But at the same time, it seems as if the has some sort of control on it. Its odd. Margarito might have won the round without it, but a big combination along the ropes at the end, left no doubt.

ROUND ELEVEN: Margarito starts 11 where he finished 10, with Cotto backed up taking punches and Cotto has now taken a knee and is badly bloodied. Margarito may have just won this fight with this flurry. The blood seems to really bothering Cotto and he is down again. And it has been stopped. Margarito is the winner. I think Cotto's corner called it off.

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