Saturday, August 02, 2008

Judah and Clottey Live Blog

ROUND ONE: Zab Judah showing more in round one from Las Vegas as Joshua Clottey seems to really be feeling out Judah more in the first. It will be interesting to see if he gets more aggressive. But that went to Judah on pure aggressiveness, in a fairly boring round.

ROUND TWO: Clottey a little bit more active here at the start of the second, but Judah just hit him with a decent combination there. Clottey tries to get to Judah's body without a lot of success. Clottey seems to be thinking Judah can't hurt him and hoping that Judah will tire himself out. The Judah jab still the most effective punch. Again I score that round for Judah.

ROUND THREE: Judah continues to be busier as they start Round three, and a combination that was blocked by Clottey at least drew raves from the audience. Clottey is being very patient, but he's digging a hole on the scorecard that is going to be tough to recover from. He's fighting as if he's going to be able to knock him out later. We'll see. This round is a bit closer. But I still think Judah won it.

ROUND FOUR: There are few more punches being thrown in this round. Clottey is starting to get some punches in to the body. Clottey complains about a low blow. Clottey is landing a few punches upstairs now as well. He seems to be taking control of things a little here. Clottey is hitting him hard, just landed a big uppercut and Judah is bleeding from the nose. Give Judah some credit for punching back but the round was definitely Clottey's.

ROUND FIVE: Again a low blow from Judah, he's warned this time. Clottey works the body after a Judah combo. Judah is working the body as well now, he's doing some good things. But Clottey is definitely throwing the better, cleaner punches right now. He just landed a few to the body that may have bothered Judah some. Clottey letting Judah know that his punches don't bother him. Round five to Clottey.

ROUND SIX: Judah a bit of a resurgence here midway through the sixth round. But Clottey is still coming forward, and now another low blow and they give Clottey time to regroup. Clottey landed a good straight right and then Judah countered. I'm going to have to give the round to Judah for some good punching and have him ahead 4-2, but I could see it even at this point.

ROUND SEVEN: Judah is really working hard to the body but it doesn't seem to bother Clottey too much. But he's digging that right hand into the body. Still Clottey has slowed a little, but he might have hurt Judah some. But the left uppercut from Judah was nice right there. A big right hand from Clottey near the end of the round, might be what the judges remember. I'll go with Clottey at that point.

ROUND EIGHT: Judah is still working hard defensively, but Clottey continues to come forward. Judah using the jab well now. Clottey got inside a little bit there. Judah needs to pick up the pace again. Perhaps he is tiring. A big combination from Judah as he backed Clottey up against the ropes. A lot might have been blocked but it was near the end of the round and might have stolen it. We'll stay with Clottey and call it even at this point.

ROUND NINE: Cut along Judah's right eye. I'm not sure it came from a punch. And it is ruled by a clash of heads. Accidental. It looks nasty. It could goto the cards as a result, and the ringside doctor says he can't see. And Clottey thinks he has won as the fight has been stopped.

DECISION: The ninth round lasted a minute maybe less, but it will be scored. Therefore, I have to give that to Clottey, even though he didn't do much either. For me that means Clottey wins 86-85. I think the cards will come in close to that. But it looks like now on the replays that a punch opened the cut. But still it goes to cards. Clottey just now realizing it goes to the cards. 86-85, 87-84, 86-85 all to Joshua Clottey.

As it turns out, I think Clottey was the deserving winner, I think the cut came from a punch so Clottey should have won by TKO. But based on the referee's decision that it was an accidental butt that caused it, it went to the cards and ultimately I think it was obvious that Clottey won the abbreviated ninth round. That actually gave him the win and eliminated the draw.

A decent fight, and Clottey might get a rematch with Margarito. Hard to imagine anyone beating Margarito, but Clottey's counterpunching style might be a tough match for Margarito.

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