Thursday, August 07, 2008

Following Up

If you grew up playing soccer in this country, today is a good day. The US won its first game at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing 1-0 over Japan. Stuart Holden, of the Houston Dynamo, scored the goal just after intermission. With Holland and Nigeria tying in the other game in the group, it means the US needs to win only one more of its two games in group play to advance to the knockout round. The US was far from flawless today, but the win was a fair result. Although I'm sure the Japanese could argue that a draw might have been the just result.

NBC's coverage was once again solid, although I didn't like Bill Patrick in the studio. Maybe he just didn't like the 5AM start time, but he seemed uninterested and almost presented the "what am I doing here for something as lowly as soccer attitude". Still, being able to watch the streaming video (live) and the full feed replays on has been a great way to get started in these games. I'm on vacation until the 19th, I don't know if that will allow me more time to watch these games or less. We'll see.

By the way, I've just about given up on NBC's Olympic on the Go. With the full replays available online of just about everything just far, I can't see the use. Especially when the turnaround time has been suspect.

I don't know how things are going to turn out for Lou Montanez and the Orioles. But I told you about a month ago, the Orioles needed to take a look at him down the stretch. They are doing just that. He homered in his first at-bat, and was 2-for-4 yesterday in Anaheim.

Trying to come up with the most likely of Oriole rotations for 2009 isn't easy. Wherever you go after the start it has to begin with Jeremy Guthrie. From there, Daniel Cabrera and Garrett Olson seem like the most likely. I really think the Orioles are going to give Hayden Penn the month on September and through the All-Star break next year to earn more innings. So that is four, but where does the fifth come from? Troy Patton coming back from injury, one of the prospects from AA (Bergesen, Hernandez or a very young Chris Tillman). Or do they convert James Johnson (rather move him back to that role) and try to have someone take his slot in the pen (Radhames Liz or Chris Ray or even Randor Bierd or Sarfate). Or do they simply get Chris Waters some more opportunity? Or does Liz get one more chance? I can't imagine it would be Sarfate. I guess you could say the Birds have options, I just wish they were all named Guthrie.

Tyrell Harris is apparently turning a few heads in camp for the Orange. Not a lot of surprise in these parts that a player from McDevitt, who wasn't exactly the most talked about player ends up making the impact sooner.

The one positive I will take out of camp thus far is that Daniel Bailey was moved to Wide Receiver. That must mean that the Orange feels good about Doug Hogue, Delone Carter and Curtis Brinkley, which can only mean they are all pretty healthy. So keep your fingers crossed.

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