Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Catching Up

I guess that's what the US Women's Olympic Soccer team spent its first game in the Olympics trying to do. They were pretty sloppy at the back to start the game and it cost them.

Chris Waters made quite the major league debut last night. After all those innings in the minors, and he really didn't seem like a likely callup. But maybe he can provide the Orioles some needed innings. I don't think they thought eight scoreless ones, but he certainly was good last night. I recall chatting with AA-New Hampshire play-by-play man Mike Murphy early in the year and asking about all the young O's arms at Bowie. And he wanted to talk about Waters. Told me he reminded him of Jamie Moyer. And maybe he could give the Orioles something at some point. He might have been half joking, but Murph is a prodigy this morning.

I'm sure you all noticed the Big East media poll. And as no surprise the Orange was eighth. But just how bad is it? Oh so bad that of the 24 media members that voted on the poll, not a single one had the Orange out of last place. Not a single one. That would be none. That is really bad. The Vegas over/under is 2.5, it almost seems like 3 should be easy. I mean Northeastern and Akron are on the schedule. All they have to do is win one more game. I'm almost thinking there is no way at this point.

Chris Tillman was real good his last outing. Some might have been starting to get a bit worried about him. But remember he's 20 - youngest pitcher in AA, and he's never had good ERA numbers. This is clearly the best he's pitched, and his innings count is increasing. He's at least a year away in my view, but might get a chance next spring. But I really think, if he's going to pitch in the majors next year, it should be in the bullpen, and truly its probably better to let him pitch at AAA-Norfolk and build up the innings.

Give NBC some credit for the way it's handling the online streaming video of the Olympics. I realize most people probably don't care and don't want to watch it anyhow, but it gives those that want to watch lesser known sports (or at least less popular) the opportunity to watch them live. NBC is saying everyone can create their own Olympic Experience. I did a little when I woke up this morning. I watched the end to Brazil and Germany's bore draw. I then saw Korea score early against Nigeria, while I had the USA game on MSNBC. I'm reserving judgment on NBC's Olympics on the Go - downloadable coverage, because thus far, I haven't been impressed. But the streaming video this morning was top notch. We'll see how it goes when they have action from more than one sport, but the initial work was quality.

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