Friday, August 08, 2008

On the Road Again

Headed away for a few days - actually a few more than a few. So I don't know how much I'll be posting. For the record, I am not off to Beijing. But do root for Ryoki Tani of Japan in the Women's Judo 48K tonight, tomorrow morning or whenever it is. She's my random selection in the fantasy game. I also have American Jason Turner in the 10M Air Pistol competition. Bring one home for the US. My full team alos includes Hiayang Huang and Elvira Wood who will be playing with sabres, so be careful and then Yeooul Kim of South Korea, who is my underdog in the women's 10M Air Pistol.

Do you think the US athletes picked Lopez Lomong to carry the flag because of his connection to Dafar, so a statement could be made against China? Or do you think it was done simply to honor Lomong for everything he's acheived in getting to the Games?

Another US boxer is out of the competition. The US team which was hoping to rebound after a dismal performance in Athens has now lost two competitors. Unfortunate already.

Don't forget if you want to watch the Olympics tonight and not the opening ceremonies, the equestrian events begin on around 6:30 EST and there is live badminton, basketball, weightlifting, shooting, judo, and all sorts of good stuff later on.

Speaking of basketball, Mount Saint Mary's Dita Krumberga is part of the Latvian women's team that starts with Russia tomorrow morning. Good Luck.

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