Monday, January 12, 2009

Fan Blog Status

We know - we've been very lax on the coverage lately. And the Mount players deserve more after two straight sound wins. But just trust us when we say we've got a lot going on at the moment. So anyhow, coverage may continue to be iffy for the next week or two. But we hope to back strong for February as the Mounties make a push for the NCAA tournament. I did see some good things in both Thursday's and Saturday's wins. Although I only saw about 24 minutes of the game Saturday and it was so choppy because of all the fouls, that it was tough to get a handle on. But two good wins and two tough home games this weekend. I will (crossing my fingers) be at the game on Thursday night, and hope to be there Saturday afternoon - but that is somewhat unlikely.

So please bear with us for the next two weeks. I apologize to the loyal readers. But we will get back at this more routinely in the next few weeks.

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  1. OK, first comment is thanks for the continual coverage and updates on The Mount. Let me fill in some of what you missed. The Saturday game against SFNY was available free from their Athletics website, in clear video with two commentators. The audio portion is archived and the video may also be available. This site is so superior to the one the Mount uses; we will get to that discussion at another time. The game basically was all Mount, hardly a doubt. The only reason the stats are wierd (6 FG in 2nd half) is the constant fouling and the fine FT shooting. As to Thursday's game, I was there. FDU scored the first 7 points, then lights out, no contest. One comment - the NEC referees are maddening with their offensive foul calls. Pathetic. Wish they would watch some major conference games once in a while.