Thursday, January 22, 2009

Headed to the Game

I'm excited about tonight's home game with Central Connecticut. I think it will really give us a good feeling about where the Mount is at this point and whether they are truly going to be a contender down the stretch.

The Blue Devils are a team that have traditionally given the Mount fits, but I think tonight should be another solid win for the Mounties. I'm expecting a double digit triumph somewhere in the neighborhood of 74-64. That will be my measuring stick.

Hopefully, Jeremy Goode is the player he was a week ago when he was the Choice Hotels NEC player of the Week. And hopefully, he continues to get balance from the rest of the lineup, which makes Goode and the Mount all the better.

I'm still a bit sketchy on internet service, so not sure I'll get to post a recap afterwards. But, I'll try my best and if not I'll try to have something for you all by lunch tomorrow.

Off to the ARCC, go Mount!

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