Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick Recap

Sometimes you can't go on numbers alone.

The win against Central Connecticut State 64-62 at the Knott Arena last night, might not have been the prettiest of victories. But the Mount did earn a victory on a night it seemed destined it would lose.

I mean I heard a coach say the other week, that "there are nights you are just supposed to lose, and if you can minimize your losses on those nights, you'll be ok"

I think the Thursday night was one of the those night's the Mount was supposed to lose. Every break in the first half went the Blue Devils way. Shemik Thompson, despite turning the ball over 7 times, made everything he threw up. CCSU scored inside of 5 on the shot clock on seemingly every first half possession.

But in the end, it was the first 15 minutes of the second half when the Mounties got the Devils to play their game, and went from seven down to 11 up 60-49 that was the difference in the game.

Actually we wish we would have left the Knott Arena right then and there with the Mount leading by 11, checked the standings this morning and been done with it. Because the next five minutes were incredibly nerve wracking and CCSU nearly came all the way back. But a key defensive stop inside of a minute to play and two clutch Jean Cajou free throws kept the winning streak alive.

Will Holland missed the game with some sort of hand injury. Looks like a soft cast on his left (non-shooting) hand, if I could guage it from across the court. Hopefully, he returns quickly because he was really starting to play very well, and his outside jumper can be used to stretch the defense.

Great job by Kelly Beidler on Ken Horton. (Caton said Horton laid an egg - very good). The NEC's leading scorer had just six second half points. Beidler ended up in double figs, making several big threes in the second half.

And once again Jeremy Goode was Jeremy Goode. As good as Thompson was, Goode was better. He had 23 and a handful of assists to help rally the team. He has the long-range (and we mean long-range) jumper dialed in and is once again a joy to watch.

The Mount is back into second place in the NEC - tied with Long Island at the moment. Monmouth awaits on Saturday - again at home. Let's see what that brings.

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