Thursday, January 15, 2009

That's what I've been waiting for

Thursday night's 80-54 beatdown of Long Island at Knott Arena was exactly what this team is capable of. It was a truly efficient offensive performance (5 maybe 6 players in double figures) and a suffocating defensive effort. Did Kyle Johnson make the trip?

The Mount needs to capatilize on this momentum they are building and continue to forge their way back into the NEC race. All of these home games need to be Wins.

Huge effort from Will Holland who made some key shots early when the offense was struggling and the game was close. I think he ended up the leading scorer with 16.

Jeremy Goode is really starting to look like Jeremy Goode again. He is now adjusting to the adjustments that teams have made to him. I thought #1 had his best game in awhile. He had about 15 points and probably 5+ assists and rebounds. Real all-around solid effort from him.

Jean Cajou was a blanket on Johnson. And Holland and Beidler helped out when Cajou was on the bench with two fouls in the first half. He also knocked down a couple of triples and seems to be taking more makeable shots. He's shooting in rhythm instead of trying to force up jump shots. A very good night for him.

The big guys inside scored a bunch. I think they probably had close to 25 from the three-man rotation. Shawn continues to be the flashiest, but doesn't rebound the way the other two do, and Sam had a very solid night offensively.

Kelly was Kelly and he is just so strong on the glass and can put the ball on the floor and do so much for you.

I really thought this was the first night that the team clicked on all cylinders and it wasn't the best first ten minutes. Yet I had a good feeling early in the game.

Let's not forget this Long Island team had only lost once in the league entering the contest, so this was a very big win.

A follow up on my post from the other day about this Blog's status. The movers arrive at my house at 8AM tomorrow morning. Not sure when I'll have my internet restored in the upcoming days. And I'm sure if I'll be at the Sacred Heart game on Saturday. I told the group of friends helping me move the items the movers don't take tomorrow, that my one goal is to be at the 2 o'clock tip. But I haven't shared that with my wife yet. So I'm still very questionable for Saturday.

Sometimes when things don't go your way, even when you are playing well, you forget how to win. I think that might have happened to this team a little bit. But I'm hoping they rediscovered it and the rest of the season lives up to the early expectations.


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