Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mount on road to try to start new winning streak

Just two days after dropping its first game in nine starts, the Mount heads back out on the road to take on Fairleigh Dickinson in a Northeast Conference game. The game is scheduled to start in just a few minutes and I'll post updates as the game progresses.

7:09PM - The game has been delayed after the women's game which preceded it went overtime. FDU defeated the Mount 73-69 in that one.

7:22PM - The game is underway but FDU might not know it. The Mount has scored eight straight to start the game. Kelly Beidler with four early points for the Mount.

7:25PM - We're at the first media timeout and its 11-0 Mount. They seem to be shaking off the effects of the loss at LIU on Thursday night. Goode with five early and Beidler with four. But FDU is just bad right now. Not quite as bad as the broadcasting team, but close. Two other scores of interest from the NEC today. Robert Morris won at Central and Sacred Heart lit up LIU.

7:33PM - I'm gonna do my best not to rip on this broadcast team all night long. But it's going to be tough. Some classic lines already. Like "the cylinder is still on the rim" and "two hops from the three point line to the rim with no momentum = a travel". The Mount leads 17-9 as the Knights have started to get it going from the outside a bit. Tayvon Jackson logged a few early minutes for the Mount tonight. 10:15 to play.

7:41PM - 7:09 to play the Mount leads it 21-11. The Mount started very well, but has missed a lot of shots lately. They just had three shots on the last possession and couldn't get any to go.

7:45PM - Goode just found Tay Jackson with a pass inside and Jackson got the hoop and the harm - promptly completed the three-point play to make it 26-13 Mount. Just over five to play.

7:47PM - Tayvon Jackson just scored again on a putback and the Mount leads 30-16. We're are at the under four timeout in the first half. 3:47 to play. The Mount is in total control.

7:56PM - A 9-0 run from FDU made it a game again. The Mount leads 32-25 as either Markus Mitchell or Tayvon Jackson - I thought it was Mitchell but the stellar play-by-play combo called #34 ended the Mount drought with a stickback. The Mount hasn't shot really well - particularly in the latter stages of the first half, but did enough on the offensive glass to produce 32 points. Unofficial stats at the half have Goode with 9, Beidler with 8 and Jackson with 5 (maybe 7).

8:23PM - The second half is underway and the Mount has a 39-32 lead now. Jeremy Goode has started the half very quickly. He has six points after the break. A real good crowd on hand according to the FDU announcers. They estimate 3-400 there.

8:29PM - The Mount has opened up a little bit of a bigger lead here. The announcers just said 13. Goode and Beidler just sandwiched three-point j's around a Cajou bank shot forcing a Tom Green bank shot. The scoreboard on my broadcast says 39-32 at halftime. We know that isn't right. Not much about this broadcast is.

8:34PM - We're at the under 12 timeout in the game. The Mount leads 49-39. The Mount needs to put the game away in the next few minutes and take away any idea that FDU has of a comeback. Jeremy Goode has been playing superbly and he needs to get a few more shots.

8:40PM - Another timeout on the floor. The Mount still leads by 11. Kelly Beidler has played well for the Mount tonight. He's in double figures along with Goode. The Mount hasn't found a way to finish off FDU. But there is nothing about this game that makes you think the Knights have enough to rally with 7:53 left.

8:53PM - The Mount is up 13 at the under four timeout. They are going to get a win. But they haven't finished this as well as they might have liked. It's pretty much been the Goode and Beidler show. And FDU has drawn within nine as Babtiste scores two in a row.

8:58PM - One more shot at the announcers. The only Mount name they said all night was Goode. And for awhile they called him Gou-day. I've listened to a lot of demo tapes in my day, and these guys are the worst. The worst, I've ever heard. They have no play-by-play skill and the analysis is worse. The Mount leads by 10 with about 1 minute and a half left.

9:06PM - This game will never end. The Mount still holds a comfortable lead. It's nine. Big games from Jeremy Goode and Kelly Beidler. And the Mount is going to get what they needed tonight. And that is a win. But it wasn't really pretty by any measure.

9:13PM - It is finally over. The Mount wins 75-68. Still some work to do. I'm going to say Goode and Beidler each went over 20 - and Jean Cajou was in double figures as he knocked down some free throws down the stretch. Tayvon Jackson gave the Mount some key minutes off the bench and he finished with at least seven maybe nine.

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  1. Anonymous9:54 PM

    We were watching the FDU video feed and at first it was entertaining in a morbid way to think these guys were broadcasters (?). How in the world do they not get a program and call the Mount players by their names? What a joke! Then, of course, unless you were keeping your own scorecard, the score showing on the screen was usually 10 minutes behind the game. This was indeed the worst broadcast I have ever witnessed.