Sunday, February 01, 2009

Watching the Halftime Show

I'm thinking the Mount must have won again....after that rendition of Glory Days

I'm also pretty sure that the Cardinals won't recover from that Harrison return. They took the Steelers flurry early and seemed to get back in the game. But they had two chances to get points in the final six minutes of the first half....after the Breaston punt return and after the interception. And not only didn't they score, they gave up seven. It doesn't bode well.

If this is ruled in a can start talking about whether the Steelers have any chance to repeat. The game might not really be in doubt either way. But if this is a fumble it's over.

Ok, so there is still a little bit of life left for the Cards. But they need to stop the Steelers quickly and get the ball back. The game is probably a little closer than the scoreboard indicates, but Arizona needs to get back into it quickly. I think this defensive possession will tell us whether or not the game is still a game.


  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Great game, too many flags, evenly called. Can't let the irony of a 4-star USA General tossing the coin before the game go unnoticed. Did ya read the morning papers? "NFL wants no 'war jargon', etc."?

  2. It was a great finish, not sure about great game. But definitely a great finish.

    The flags evened up late, and although it seemed lopsided in favor the Steelers early, I couldn't argue with any of the calls, except maybe the roughing call on Dansby - but even that was grey and could have gone either way.

    I hope to write something later about the Steelers.